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Cam Valley Crematorium show their support for local families

Just before Christmas, Claire Butcher, Manager of Cam Valley Crematorium, got in touch. She told us that Home-Start had been selected as one of five local charities to be given a donation from money raised through their metal recycling scheme, which is used to support local worthy causes.

We were absolutely thrilled to be chosen, not least because the donation was a very substantial £3,000. This will go a long way to helping us continue to support local families over the coming few challenging months. And, it was wonderful to be contacted by a new local organisation who had looked into our services and felt that our values and mission, and theirs, were very much in alignment.

Like Home-Start, the Crematorium sees and supports people through times of loneliness and bereavement, something that the last year has brought in abundance to so many.

Home-Start supports families by offering a friendly face or listening ear once a week. Sometimes being able to offload and receive some reassurance is the little thing a parent needs to keep going. Being really listened to, and feeling like you’ve been heard, can be very empowering – and listening is something that certainly spans both organisations.

So, we would like to say a huge thank you to Claire and her team for choosing Home-Start to receive this donation. We will continue to provide a listening ear to the families that we support, to help them get through this challenging time and into a brighter future.

If you would like to help support Home-Start, please click on the link below

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