Week 6 – Exploring the World around us

With this week’s activity, we’re going to explore the world around us with some videos and ideas of experiments to try at home.

Making Volcanoes

Cathy, our Events Manager, demonstrates how to make baking soda volcanoes with her children; it’s messy but so much fun!

Take a look at the video below:

Exploring through Dance

Take a look at this new TV series for children aged 2-7 called Emily Time.

In it, Emily explores the natural world through song, dance, movement and imagination – and all from her living room! Cool huh?

You can watch the first episode here:

Making Tornados

Why not try making your own tornado in a jar? It’s a great experiment to do with children and a great way for them to see how tornados work.

Check out this video showing how to create your own tornado in a jar:

Colourful Explosions

We’ve found another great experiment you can do with children… indoor fireworks!

In this video clip, you can find out how to make indoor fireworks that are silent, completely safe, and totally magical:

The Royal Mint Experience

The Royal Mint Experience are doing free online “experiences” every Tuesday, aimed at primary school children, with parental support. They are completely EPIC and so much fun.

Check out their Facebook page to find out what their next online event includes.

Although these activities are mainly aimed at primary school children and their parents, please feel free to have a go whatever age you are – we think that even the older children would enjoy these too!

The main thing is that you have fun, try out new things, and don’t forget… post us pictures of your results on our Facebook Page, Twitter or Instagram account – we’d love to see what wonderful things you’ve created!

The Home-Start Team

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