Week 20 – Drawing challenge

Hello and welcome to Week 20 of our Giving Tuesday campaign and this one is for all our artists and art lovers.

We are very pleased to introduce the lovely Emma Gore-Lloyd, who is helping out with this week’s Giving Tuesday activity.

Emma works at Blundells School in Devon, where she is head of teaching English to speakers of other languages. She’s also a very talented artist.

Get ready, get set, get drawing…

Throughout the lockdown, Emma has been running weekly drawing challenges on Facebook for a community of artists of all abilities and ages. The concept is really simple: Emma posts a picture and everyone taking part creates their own version of it – but you only get 30 minutes to do so!
Emma then posts all the creations on a virtual “gallery” and the community members can then browse the artwork and enjoy everyone’s pictures.

Sometimes the picture to be recreated is a classic masterpiece, for example; they’ve had ‘Houses’ by Paul Klee, ‘The Persistence of Memory’ by Dali and ‘The Ancient of Days’ by William Blake, to contemporary cartoons (Calvin and Hobbs) and Hollywood stars (Hedy Lamarr), interesting landscapes and even pictures of people’s cats. Anything and everything can be used to create your masterpiece.

We’ve been following the Daily Lockdown Drawing Challenge from its inception in April this year, and we thought we might challenge our Home-Start community to do the same thing!

All you have to do is go along to the Events section of our Facebook page and join in the fun!

Don’t worry if you don’t finish your picture in the 30 minutes, we’d still like to see how far your get in that time. And if you’re enjoying the art, you can always finish it off later and post the finished version instead.

Creativity is the key – you can use paint, crayon, pencil or any media you like. It doesn’t have to be an exact copy: bring your own artistic flair to your creation.

Once you’ve finished, post your picture in the virtual gallery and have a browse through everyone’s beautiful artwork.

Discover about the great masters

If you would like to learn more about great artists and their work, a good place to start is The National Gallery website. There’s lots to look at, from stories behind the masterpieces to a search option to view online their collection of over 2,600 paintings.

You can even do a virtual tour of some of the worlds greatest museums and galleries online.

And, if you want a quick art-fix, this short clip is a collection of some of the greatest and well-known paintings of all time:

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