Empowering Families, Building Communities

Home-Start Royston, Buntingford & South Cambridgeshire is the lifeline that many families in our community depend on. Back in 2018, the landscape of local support changed for families as our statutory funding was abruptly halted due to governmental cutbacks.

Since then, our scheme has been solely responsible for raising income to cover our costs. Every year we face an annual financial challenge and require your help to secure the funds necessary to continue providing vital assistance to local families in need. Our ongoing financial commitment reflects our dedication to the local community, and we are determined to offer essential help to every family that requires it.

Our Diverse Funding Approach

Over the years, we’ve cultivated a versatile strategy to meet our annual income targets, incorporating:

  1. Funding Applications: Navigating statutory sources, and trusts and foundations, to secure essential financial backing.
  2. Community Engagement: Fostering a sense of togetherness through innovative fundraising and community initiatives that resonate with the heart of our mission.
  3. Building Partnerships: Nurturing relationships with individual donors and local businesses, forming a network of corporate partners who share our commitment to community welfare.

Your Impact Matters

Home-Start Royston, Buntingford & South Cambridgeshire is more than just a charity; it’s a lifeline for families facing a variety of challenges such as isolation, mental health issues, bereavement, multiple births and much more. Your generous support, whether as an individual, an organisation, or a local business, directly shapes the positive transformation experienced by these families.

Join Us in Strengthening Our Community

We invite you to be a vital part of building a stronger, more resilient community. Your contribution ensures that every family, regardless of their circumstances, receives the support they need. Together, let’s make a lasting impact and foster positive change within our community.

Visit to learn more and contribute to our mission. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of those who need it most.

Thank you for being a beacon of hope for families in our community.

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