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2nd July 2024 @ 12:15 pm 2:15 pm

Literary Lunch with Hannah Beckerman

Step into a world of imagination and creativity at our next Literary Lunch, where author Hannah Beckerman will be joined by host Jude Simpson for an enriching conversation that promises to delight and inspire.

Hannah Beckerman

Hannah’s journey into the world of storytelling began in her childhood through weekly visits to the local library with her family. These cherished moments ignited her love for literature, leading her to pursue English studies at King’s College London, followed by an immersive exploration of literature during her MA at Queen Mary and Westfield.

Her passion for storytelling propelled her into the professional realm, where she looked for opportunities in newspapers, film companies, publishing houses, and television broadcasters. Despite facing rejection, Hannah’s determination remained, and she eventually found her footing at the BBC Arts Department, where she spent seven years interviewing notable figures in the arts and crafting compelling narratives for television.

Hannah’s crowning achievement at the BBC was her pivotal role in conceptualising and executing The Big Read, a groundbreaking national reading campaign that captured the hearts and minds of readers across the nation. Recognised for its innovation, The Big Read received accolades at the British Book Awards and left an indelible mark on the literary landscape.

Driven by an adventurous spirit, Hannah’s career path led her to Channel 4 and the Discovery Channel in America before embarking on a transformative journey to Bangladesh. It was amidst the vibrant tapestry of Dhaka that she found inspiration for her debut novel, “The Dead Wife’s Handbook,” marking the beginning of a remarkable literary career.

Since then, Hannah has continued to captivate readers with her poignant storytelling. Her second novel, “If Only I Could Tell You,” published in February 2019, delves into themes of family, secrets, and reconciliation. This was followed by “The Impossible Truths of Love,” released in October 2021, which explores the complexities of relationships and the enduring power of love.

Her latest work, “The Forgetting,” marks a departure from her previous novels, venturing into the realm of domestic suspense and showcasing Hannah’s versatility as an author.

Now, with several published novels to her name and a fifth in progress, Hannah continues to share her passion for storytelling with her daughter, fostering a love of literature across generations.

Book Synopsis

“The Forgetting” explores the intricacies of memory, identity, and the lingering influence of the past…

Anna Bradshaw’s awakening in a London hospital bed devoid of memories, even of her husband Stephen, plunges her into a disorienting abyss. Despite medical reassurances, Anna grapples with a profound sense of disconnection from her former life.

Meanwhile, in Bristol, Livvy Nicholson juggles the demands of new motherhood and a return to work, only to be confronted by the sudden appearance of Dominic’s estranged mother. Her unsettling revelations cast shadows over Livvy’s perception of herself and her relationships, plunging her into a realm of uncertainty and deceit.

As Anna and Livvy navigate their separate but intertwined journeys, both find themselves ensnared in a labyrinth of confusion and doubt. Their paths converge, compelling them to confront buried truths and reconstruct their shattered lives.

“The Forgetting” emerges as a captivating domestic suspense novel, where Beckerman skillfully explores the blurred boundaries between past and present. With each twist and turn, readers are drawn deeper into a narrative that holds them spellbound until the final revelation.

I’m SO wowed! I literally gasped when I realized the twist. How clever, how very clever. It’s brilliant. So very effective. This is an excellent, important novel.

― Marian Keyes

The Forgetting had me absolutely gripped from start to finish and has one of the best story twists I have ever read. I love Hannah’s writing—clever, insightful, eloquent, and empathetic. Utterly compelling, compulsive reading and superb writing. I could not put it down!

― Ruth Jones

This book is amazing! It’s deliciously sinister, deeply twisty, and HUGELY addictive. I love the disquietness of it so much, and Hannah writes into the dark corners of the characters’ minds so beautifully.

― Joanna Cannon

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