Celebrating our 40th Anniversary: A patchwork journey of creativity for Home-Start

Who would have thought that as we embarked on our 40th Anniversary celebrations at the start of 2023, we would unleash a burst of creativity among our dedicated Trustees, staff, volunteers, and families?

What started as a simple bunting-making session turned into a year-long project that not only adorned our events but also wove a tapestry of connections, mindfulness, and mental well-being.

It all began with a simple idea, which unfolded into a remarkable project that we hope will leave a lasting impact on the HSRBSC team and our community.

A Bunting Affair

Anita and Linda kickstarted the creative wave by organising a very successful crafting session earlier in the year to create some anniversary bunting for HSRBSC to use at events throughout 2023. Little did we know that this would not only result in a beautiful decoration but also foster connections among us, in a calm and mindful atmosphere. It was lovely to see creativity’s impact on everyone’s mental well-being.

From Bunting to Patchwork

Buoyed by the success of the bunting event, Anita and Linda decided to take it a step further. In Anita’s words, “Due to the very positive response to our volunteer sewing event to create bunting to celebrate our 40 years, Linda and I wondered how we could facilitate another project to involve the families and stumbled on the idea of patchwork.”

Thus, the idea of a patchwork project was born. Packs with materials and suggestions were prepared, and everyone was invited to contribute a decorated square—Trustees, volunteers, staff, and families alike.

Family Groups and Heartfelt Stories

From the HSRBSC team to our home-visited families, the project also extended its reach to our three Family Support Groups, resulting in sessions that were not only rewarding but also touching at times, as some parents shared the poignant stories behind their creations, making the project even more meaningful. We even had a 9-year-old girl contribute (who had attended Group during the teacher’s strike), highlighting the inclusive nature of the project.

Quilts, Cushions and Wall Hangings

Initially uncertain about the project’s final form, Anita and Linda later decided to create three patchwork quilts. These quilts were then transformed into beautiful, squishy cushions that now grace the quiet areas of each Family Support Group.

However, some squares with buttons or feathers raised safety concerns around young children, so ingeniously, these were combined to craft an attractive wall hanging, which we hope to use at future HSRBSC events alongside the anniversary bunting.

A Team Project Beyond Expectations

The project exceeded our expectations, and the finished cushions and wall hanging stand as a testament to the fantastic volunteers who dedicated their time and creativity to bringing it all together. All in all, it made a bigger impact on the families and HSRBSC team than we could ever have imagined.

Anita said, “Many thanks to all for enabling us to complete this wonderful team project and to everybody for their creative and thoughtful contributions.”

Get Involved

We are so grateful to everyone who contributed to our team project. Your creativity and thoughtfulness have left an indelible mark on HSRBSC’s 40th-anniversary celebrations.

As we continue to support families and strengthen connections, we invite you to explore opportunities to get more involved. Please do not hesitate to contact our team if you have any ideas or want to participate in upcoming projects.

Let’s work together to create a positive impact, one creative project at a time!

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