Celebrating our poet-in-residence on National Poetry Day

At Home-Start Royston, Buntingford & South Cambridgeshire we are so lucky to have a wonderful Poet-In-Residence, Jude Simpson.

Jude brings so much to our charity and to celebrate her amazing work on National Poetry Day, one of our long-standing Trustees, Linda, talks about how Jude became a very valued member of our team.

Jude Simpson, our wonderful Poet-in-Residence

From our first encounter, Jude, in May 2009, when you made us laugh – and think – so much, at your theatre performance, you have widened our horizons.

You inspired us to have a ‘Poet-in-Residence’ and became a lively, thought-leading and laughter-provoking member of our Home-Start Royston, Buntingford and South Cambridgeshire (HSRBSC) team.

With your brilliant blogs, perceptive poems and stimulating hosting of our fundraising events, you have touched the hearts of so many supporters of our work – families, volunteers, employees and members of our local community. You capture the spirit of what it means to be a parent, a friend, or any of us who recognise ourselves in the challenges and joys of life you so vividly portray.

You help us raise invaluable funds, develop skills and understanding we never thought we’d have, and you help us communicate our messages to everyone in the wider community.

Most recently, your beautifully crafted and wonderfully apt poems are the essence of our ‘thank you’ booklet for our invaluable volunteers: “How BIG could a thank you be?”.

This little blog is a BIG ‘Thank You’ to you, Jude Simpson, our Poet-in-Residence.


Jude’s impact on the HSRBSC team

Jude has made such an impact on the whole team here at Home-Start…

“Jude’s poems are so reflective of family life which we can all relate to, the highs, the lows, the things that make you laugh and cry….but they are always uplifting.” Tracy, Fundraising Events Support Manager

I first heard Jude at the Home-Start concert and was amazed at her performance, her way with words which made you laugh and think in equal measure.  When she came to our AGM Jude performed two pieces of poetry which really got the essence of Home-Start and how families can feel.  It was so good it made me cry and has lived with me ever since.  She is fantastic at listening and then transforming what she has heard and felt into the fantastic poems and written pieces and we are so lucky to have her as our poet in residence!” Jackie, Co-ordinator

When Jude visited our family support groups for a poetry session with parents there was much consternation. Luckily we persuaded them to be open-minded and give it a go and the results were transformational. Everyone shared ideas about what it is like to be a parent and how Home-Start has helped them, Jude jotted them all on a flip chart. Some weeks later Jude worked her magic and created a poem that encapsulated the hopes and fears of the parents and the difference that being part of the group meant to them. When the mums got to see it they were thrilled, it was such a boost to all concerned to see how she had understood their feelings and managed to be so creative in expressing them on behalf of the families. Thank you Jude on behalf of the Home-Start team and the families whom we support.”  Jo, Co-ordinator

I am always in awe of the way Jude is able to portray family life in such a funny and touching way. Often her words strike a chord with me, being a mum myself, and I don’t think Home-Start could find a better poet-in-residence. Thank you, Jude!” Sarah, Scheme Manager

A poem for our poet

Jude has written such wonderful poems and blog posts for us, we thought it would be a lovely thing to write one for her this time!

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