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Sponsorship can help with brand recognition and send positive messages to your customers



Can your company help?


Fundraising is a necessity for the core operation of the charity, and has become an ever-increasing priority for us in recent years.


We look forward to broadening our fundraising by working closely with local businesses, particularly through our sponsorship scheme, which will further their corporate charitable objectives and aid promotion of their business and local reputation.


We have been fortunate in receiving support from an increasing range of local organisations that have recognized the value and impact of our work.


Home-Start Royston & South Cambridgeshire (HSRSC) is grateful for all the financial support it receives from organisations and funders alike.


By sponsoring HSRSC you could:

  • Reinforce your reputation locally as a socially responsible organisation, sending positive messages to your customers, staff, suppliers and the communities in which you operate
  • Gain the attention of other likeminded socially aware people and local influencers
  • Share the benefits of wider brand recognition and reputation
  • Help support the aims and objectives of HSRSC and the needs of local families in your area



Platinum Sponsors


Gold Sponsors

£1000 - £1999

Silver Sponsors

£500 - £999

Bronze Sponsors

£50 - £499



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Individual sponsors may or may not wish to take up the promotions offered here.  We are happy to talk about what would work best for you and your organisation.


Companies might also choose to make us their charity of the year, or encourage their staff to hold a charity event on our behalf.


Please contact HSRSC on tel 01763 262262 or admin@hsrsc.org.uk for further information or to offer your support.


THANK YOU for Your Donation!