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We are so proud of Dan.....

Marathon Memoirs - 26th April 2015

I woke at 6am in a hotel room overlooking the Embankment and watched a series of trucks and crew placing the barriers on the roadside, followed by the teams establishing the feeding station and charity stands.  What an amazing feat of organisation the London Marathon entails.


My daughter and her partner came to meet us and as we were watching the ‘masses’ race beginning on TV, amazingly I spotted my son Daniel looking directly into the camera, my husband said most of the hotel must have heard my excited whooping!


We had arranged with Daniel to see him at mile 12 and mile 19.  We met Daniel’s partner and her family so were in place for our first rendezvous with time to spare.  We found a space right beside the road – no barriers here.  As we were tracking Daniel’s progress we knew roughly when to expect him.  Having spent many hours watching him play football/rugby/cricket /hockey over the years I was the first to spot him.  He was evidently delighted to see us (and hear my enthusiastic cheering.)


Unfortunately Canada Water tube station (renamed Buxton Water for the day) was closed so when they finally let those with wheelchairs and buggies through, we pushed our buggy to the front and eventually made our way to Canary Wharf for the second planned meeting.  Sadly this delay meant we had missed Daniel!!   Apparently Daniel’s foot had just started to give him some pain, but he kept telling himself that seeing us in the next mile would spur him on, and he was very disappointed we weren’t there. 


The tracker showed that Daniel’s progress had slowed, so we decided to hop on the DLR and try to catch him at 22 miles.  The journey was horrendous – sardines doesn’t come into it and we had to arrange ourselves around Daniel’s pregnant partner to protect her tummy.


At the roadside this time the crowds were about 4 rows thick, but I climbed a low wall and hung on to some railings.  Again I spotted Daniel first, but despite my yelling he didn’t register our presence – he was in pain and was wearing headphones to try keep his focus.  He plodded past us looking very different to the last time we saw him. The other supporters were in tears, but amazingly I wasn’t – I said “I know he will finish.”


The three remaining young people in our party decided to make a dash to the finish, as they reckoned Daniel may need the extra support.  The rest of us made our way back to Canary Wharf, where we had booked a restaurant to all get together to celebrate Daniel’s achievement after the race.  Finally sitting down with a much needed coffee we speculated about whether Daniel would ever want to participate in the Marathon again.  I wondered whether it’s like giving birth – immediately afterwards you say ‘never again’ but after 3 weeks you say ‘well maybe’……………


By this time most of our mobiles were low on battery, but we finally heard that Daniel had managed to jog across the finishing line, however he was now being administered to by St John’s Ambulance, and Westminster tube station was closed (same problem we’d had at Canada Water) so the support party (who had scooped Daniel up at Horseguard’s Parade) couldn’t get to us!!


We eventually all met up again at a restaurant near Trafalgar Square.  As you can imagine, I gave Daniel a huge hug, whereupon he announced he wants to enter for next year’s Marathon and raise money for Home-Start again!!  His original target was £1,000, but we checked his JustGiving page over dinner to discover he had exceeded the £2,000 mark!!  That was a particularly touching moment.


I have to say a HUGE thank you to all that supported Daniel with this venture, emotionally, practically and financially.  As well as his medal, Daniel now has a certificate from Home-Start UK recognising his achievement.

Written by Anita – a Home-Start volunteer and a very proud Mum



We would like to say a HUGE thank you and we are all so proud of Dan who took part in the London Marathon at the weekend raising money for Home-Start UK and Home-Start Royston & South Cambridgeshire.


Dan had to walk for approximately 4 miles as he lifted a toenail but still achieved a time of approximately 4 hours 30 minutes and raised over £2,000, twice his original target! AND he managed to enjoy it. Well done Dan!!!!

If you would like to help Dan support Home-Start Royston & South Cambridgeshire and Home-Start UK, you still can, please see his Just Giving page  - https://www.justgiving.com/Dan-Jordan2