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Walking the Chalk for Home-Start

Juliet has been walking the length of the Icknield Way path (110 miles) in 8 instalments - one a month - and she has asked people to join her for some or all of the way.


She has now completed all 8 stages and has loved every moment (well almost).


She expected to do some of it on her own (with her trusty canine friend, Winnie), but every month there have been loyal supporters who have turned out in all weathers at unearthly early times to walk with her.


Juliet would like to say an enormous thank you to everyone for their support. It has made it a very special monthly event. She never quite knows until the day before who is going to be there!

It has also been a great collective show of solidarity for the local Home-Start scheme, which is facing such big financial difficulties.


Furthermore, she would like to thank all the generous people who have donated to this cause. She is over half way to her target of £2,000 and is truly grateful to all of you who have donated.


Juliet hates pestering people, but in case you are someone who intended to donate, but forgot, here is a gentle nudge to go on-line and make a donation. It would be wonderful if she could get a bit closer to her target.


Here is the link for donations:


And if you are interested in following Juliet's journey, please visit her blog (mostly photos, honest) which gives you a sense of the changing landscape, the harsh (and not so harsh) weather conditions and the camaraderie of the walks: