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Literary Lunch - Tuesday 2nd October 2018

This lunch will be held on Tuesday 2nd October at 12.15pm at The Old Bull Inn.


Come and be entertained by Jude Simpson, our Poet in Residence who will be talking to Gavin and Tom.


Tom Sparke and Gavin Clayton developed Brollo over a year – an endearing tale about a young umbrella who doesn’t like rain – and they are thrilled it’s on sale at Heffer’s book shop for children to enjoy.


Illustrator Tom says “I’ve been a cartoonist for quite a number of years, and Gavin and I got together for the book, and he wanted a project and I could do the pictures. It took nearly a year to complete – I have two daughters so I have lots of experience reading them stories. I took what I liked about children’s books and considered what I didn’t like so much, and Gavin and I had a shared vision of what we wanted to create.”


Tom, 35, has lived in Melbourn for three-years with wife Lucy and daughters Alana, 4 and two-year-old Etta.  He works in investment as his day job, but his drawings keep him busy in the evenings.


Writer Gavin, 36, who completed an English literature degree with the Open University, added: “I have always loved books, the prospect of doing this with Tom is great.  I have two nephews, and think that books aimed at children of about two to three, should have a moral in there, to teach about empathy.”


Gavin, who is also working on a psychological thriller, said that this experience will help shape his future work.  “To be able to self-publish has given us a platform that we may not have been able to use 10 or 20 years ago, and for it to be picked up by a bookshop on our first go is great”.


“I enjoy seeing something go from your imagination to the page. It’s not all about getting people to like your work, but there is that sense of validation which is very rewarding.”


The pair intend on writing a series of four books about Brollo.

Gavin said: “We are planning more books while there is more for the character to do.  We want to see where this takes us.”

The book is an ideal gift – aimed at children aged 2 to 6


Tickets £15 to include a buffet lunch and tea/coffee. 


To book call 01763 262262, email admin@hsrsc.org.uk or book online through www.ticketsource.co.uk/hsrsc


Brollo the brolly

Small press children's book - a short story of a loveable umbrella and his family