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Home-Start Royston & South Cambridgeshire, is joining the Home-Start network in calling for all political parties to put children's lives at the heart of policy, through the launch of its All Our Children manifesto. Launched at a Westminster reception hosted by the charity's ambassador Alastair Stewart OBE, All Our Children has been shaped by the views of Home-Start's supported families, staff and volunteers.


Home-Start Royston & South Cambridgeshire works with vulnerable parents and children who are socially excluded, living in isolation or facing multiple problems. These can include changes in circumstances, unreliable employment, gaps in benefit payments, poor physical and mental health and housing problems. These can all push families into crisis and when this happens, children suffer.


We want all our children to grow up with:

  • Safe places to live and play
  • Support when their parents suffer from mental illness
  • Protection from hunger and poor nutrition

Barbara our Scheme Manager explains, "These really are basic needs but many children are not getting the support they deserve. The Home-Start manifesto shows why this is crucial and how we can all make it happen. With more than 40 years supporting families, Home-Start knows that small steps are often the most lasting. What we are proposing will make a real, immediate difference to the lives of children."


A recent survey of local Home-Starts revealed that more than 70% believed children in the families they work with are not supported by health and social services when their parents suffer from mental illness. 76% said they work with families whose children are not protected from food poverty and 81% support families where the children do not have safe places to live and play.


The practical solutions offered in this manifesto will enable local people to support vulnerable familes more effectively.