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Finding funny ways to say things.......

Local family support charity, Home-Start Royston & South Cambridgeshire, has announced an exciting new partnership with Poet Jude Simpson, who will be the organisation’s “Poet in Residence” over the next 4 years.


The partnership was announced at Home-Start’s “About Love” concert which was held in February, and will see Jude using her writing and performing skills to support the charity, whilst also finding inspiration for new work of her own. 


Jude has been writing her unique blend of comic poetry and witty wordplay for over 10 years, and has performed at the Edinburgh Festival, Cambridge Literary Festival and on BBC radio among others.  More recently, she has been off the stage due to having four young children.  She sees the Home-Start partnership as an exciting way to get back into the swing of her literary career whilst investing in a cause which is close to her heart. 


“My family is the best thing that’s happened to me, but there are times when being at home with my small children has nearly driven me crazy.  I’m lucky to have had loads of support, but if you don’t have that, it can be hard to know where to turn.  Home-Start does fantastic work with parents who need an extra listening ear, or practical support to get through a tough time.  I’m so pleased to be associated with them.”


Linda Smith, Home-Start Trustee said, “I had been to one of Jude’s performances and her work is so full of fun, humour, positivity and warmth. I just knew she would be the right person to work with Home-Start.” 


Jude’s work with Home-Start is expected to include helping people find their own voice through workshops on writing and presenting, as well as writing new poems and songs herself.  But the partnership will be an evolving one, so there is exciting potential for all kinds of creative output that she hasn’t yet envisaged…  


Keep up to date with Jude's blog - http://bit.ly/2qSaXW7 🤔😬