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Supporting local families for over 30 years

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Supporting parents as they learn to cope. Building better lives for families



What we do
Home-Start is a unique organisation that helps families with at least one child age 9 and under deal with whatever life throws at them. We support parents as they learn to cope, improve their confidence and build better lives for their children. The benefits of our support include improved health and wellbeing and better family relationships.


We provide one-to-one support for parents
Our volunteers visit the family’s home for a couple of hours every week.  We tailor make their support to the needs of the parents and children. Volunteers are very committed and will keep visiting until their specified needs have been met.  Parents and volunteers often develop a deeply trusting relationship which can lead to powerful change within the family.


We also run family groups and social events for families.

Our values

  • We offer families choice
  • We work in partnership – with each other, with families and with other agencies
  • We work in a spirit of openness, encouragement and enjoyment
  • We are flexible and responsive to the needs of families

Why it matters
The years between birth and school are vital for a child’s development. What goes on inside a family during these years strongly determines the opportunities and life chances children have. Children who are raised in a stable, loving, family environment are more likely to have a positive and healthy future. But being a parent isn’t easy and sometimes life can get in the way.


Circumstances throw you off course and everything else can take a back seat. A young child caught up in this can miss out on the love, routine and stimulation that are so vital for their future.  Home-Start works because our volunteers are parents. They understand how hard it can be.  They work alongside parents, in their own homes, to help them cope with the stresses and strains of life and make sure they have the skills, time and strength they need to nurture their children.

Our vision
Home-Start wants to see a society in which every parent has the support they need to give their children the best possible start in life.


"My volunteer took me and my two children out to a play area. I have not taken my children out on my own since my breakdown. We had a wonderful time and I didn't have a panic attack."


A quote from a Home-Start family

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